Day Trip in Tbilisi

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1 Day plan


Excursion in old town of Tbilisi:

  • Metekhi Church.

The inscribed-cross church built in the 5th century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali.

It is located on the cliff overlooking the Mtkvari River and Narikala Fortress.

  • Old Bathes

Sulfur Bathes, built in XVII century. Some of the pavilions are under the ground, and the red brick domes with the steam streaming from their top gives a special color to this area.

  • Old caravanserai.

Built in 17 century by King Rostom, this caravanserai became History Museum of Georgia from 1980. Numerous halls of the old trading floor now are being used for art exhibitions and fashion shows.

  • Sioni Cathedral

Sioni Cathedral in Old Tbilisi keeps St. Nino’s Cross, one of the most valuable holy relic of the Georgian Orthodox Church. According to the legend, St. Nino who brought Christianity to Georgia made the very first holy cross in this country with the two rods of vine, and tied them together with her hair.

  • Chardin Street

Chardin Street is one of the oldest streets of Tbilisi. Now this is a favorite meeting place for its fancy cafes and clubs, little art salons and galleries. The street got this name in honor of the famous French artist, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin.

  • National Museum of Georgia.

Among numerous exhibits starting with prehistoric times, you can find here the legendary Gold of Colchis – land of the Golden Fleece;  a short excursion to the Museum of Soviet Occupation, and the Golden Fund.

  •  Dinner in the restaurant with Georgian music and dance