Day Trip Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Uplistsikhe – Museum of Stalin in Gori

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Day Tour Plan


Excursion to Jvari monastery (Mtskheta)

Towering high above Mtskheta, the ancient Jvari (Holy Cross) Monastery has a beautiful setting located on the top of the hill overlooking the former capital of Georgia at the confluence of Aragvi and Mtkvari Rivers. A wooden cross used to stand on this site, which explains the name given to the church. A minor church of the Holy Cross was built in the second half of the 6th century, and a bigger church was constructed over the wooden cross between 586 and 605 by Erismtavari (Lord) Stepanoz I.


Excursion to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

The impressive Svetitskhoveli (“The Vivifying Pillar”) Cathedral was built at the site of the first Christian Georgian church, where it is said, a local Jew, Sidonia, was buried with the Christ?s robe in her hands. In the 5th century, King Vakhtang Gorgasali built a large basilica with a projecting apse. In the 11th century, Catholicos Melchisedec built a cross-domed church and a porch in place of the old damaged basilica. This is the largest church preserved in Georgia. The lavishly adorned inner space and facades are impressive. The drum and part of the facade masonry date from the 15th century. The magnificent building, which has been used for centuries for the coronation and burial of Georgian monarchs, is enclosed by a wall.

Lunch in Mtskheta (Traditional foods)


Departure to Uplistsikhe

Excursion to the medieval cave town Uplistsikhe

A large ancient complex of natural caves of Uplistsikhe city is located 10km away from Gori, on the right bank of Mtkvari river. Rooms of various sizes and functions, including dwelling halls are carved in the rock. Espacially impressive are the pagan temples and Christian churches, the theatre, dungeons and wine cellars of the complex.

Museum of Joseph Stalin in Gori

Besides the exposition of the museum, you will have the opportunity to visit a small wooden house, where the Russian politician Joseph Stalin spent his childhood, for that time being a little Georgian boy Soso Jugashvili, son of a laundress.