A Day Trip to Kakheti Region David Gareji Cave Monastery Complex

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This grandiose complex of cave monasteries located in the Gareji semi-desert, was established by the Syrian Father Davit Garejeli in the first half of the 6th century. The monastery was expanded later and remained functional until the end of the 18th century. Throughout centuries, Davit Gareji was a spiritual, cultural and educational centre. The complex comprises St Davit’s lavra, Tsamebuli, Natlismtsemeli, Chchikhituri, Dodos Rka, Bertubani, Udabno, Veran-Gareja, Kolagiri, Tetri Senakebi, Pirukughmari. There are hundreds of hewn cells, churches, refectories and chapels, the walls of which have preserved ancient frescos featuring the images of ecclesiastical and secular persons (including those of Queen Tamar and Lasha-Giorgi).