A Day Trip to Kakheti Region

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Day Tour Plan


Visiting Bodbe Monastery

The Bodbe Monastery is nestled among tall Cypress trees on a steep hillside overlooking the Alazani Valley, where it commands views of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

The Monastery of St. George at Bodbe  is a Georgian Orthodox monastic complex , located 2 km from the town of Signagi. Originally built in the 9th century, it has been significantly remodeled, especially in the 17th century. The monastery now functions as a nunnery and is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino, the 4th-century female evangelist of Georgians, whose relics are shrined there.


Visiting Signagi – Signagi town in Kakheti is enclosed by a large defensive wall built by King Erekle II in the second half of the 18th century replacing the ruins of an old fortress. Each of the 23 towers within the wall were named after nearby villages and respective families and served as a refuge in case of danger. The town, which also has preserved urban-type dwellings of the 19th century, is located on the top of the hill and presents splendid views to the Alazani Valley and the Kakhetian Caucasus.

Visiting Bodbe Monastery


Lunch with wine degustation; (participation in bread baking, Churchkela dipping, making Vodka etc)


It possible continue the tour/departure to Alaverdi cathedral

This impressive cross-domed church of St. George in Alazani Valley was founded in the 6th century by Ioseb Alaverdeli (one of the Assyrian Fathers). The existing church was built in the first half of the 11th century. Within the circuit wall of the church, there are other buildings – Peikar Khan’s Palace (12th c), a barrack, a refectory and a wine-cellar.

Visiting  Badagoni wine cellar/ wine degustation

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