Tour to Tusheti

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Tusheti is located beyond the Main Ridge of Caucasioni, on its Northern slope. The elevation of Tusheti from the sea level is 1650-4493 meters. The climate is cold here and belongs to Apline Climatic Zone. Among them, the most gorgeous is northern ridge with its high peaks: Tebulo Mount (4492 m), Komito (4261 m), Dano Mount (4174 m) and Diklosmta (4285 m). The whole surface of this mountainous corner is covered with ravines with rapid flows from the high mountain peaks flowing into two big rivers of Tusheti – the Gometseri Alazani and Pirikiti Alazani.

In tusheti are very beautiful and ancient villages: Dartlo, Dano, Kvavlo, Chesho, Parsma, Girevi, Dakiurta, Hegho, Chontio.