Riga and Rome

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Riga  heart of Latvia and its amazing capital, the city with rich 800th summer history where on pavements the echo of the left centuries is heard, here the Middle Ages is on friendly terms with a modernist style.


The center Righi is full of architectural and historical sights which everyone who decided to visit Riga hurries to see.


Here cozy small cafes with home-made pastries full of clients, and in big shopping centers you it is sympathizing will serve and pleased with attentive service.


Threshing barn makes available the biggest variety of types of rest: it is possible to go to a sea cruise to Stockholm directly from the center of Riga or in only 20 minutes to come out to the sea beach and dunes. In Riga there is everything for rest and a relax both in loneliness and for big family.


Rome is one of the most visited cities of the world, extremely popular among tourists. The city of Rome is located on 7 hills, near the Mediterranean Sea, on both sides from the Tiber River.

More than two millennia the Eternal city draw general attention to themselves. This city is one of the most romantic and magnificent cities of the world.
Here, as in one other place on the earth, the set of monuments of architecture, culture and art is concentrated. In Rome in the most charming way ancient artifacts and modern structures, material benefits and cultural wealth, new trends in culture and old traditions are combined. Undoubtedly, it is deservedly possible to call the capital of Italy one of the most interesting cities of Europe.