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Hotel 4*double room -1560 LARI
Is included in the price of a tour:

transfer airport-hotel-airport

Placement in hotels at choice 4*/3 * in Lisbon and Porto

Food: breakfasts in hotels, 2 lunches with drinks,

Transport service,

Services of the Russian-speaking guide in all route

All excursions according to the program

For an additional payment (at will):

– entrance tickets in the museums, grottoes – apprx. 60 LARI

– Setubal, Arrabida, Christ’s Statue, a lunch, tasting – 195 LARI

Wine tasting in Porto-195 LARI

– To the fop with a dinner and a transfer – 195 LARI

– Home brew, Baume Gezouche, Gimarensh of-210 LARI with a lunch


– Arrival in Lisbon– a meeting with the representative Pinkaktus at the airport (We meet all flights without surcharge)
Placement in Lisbon, in hotel
20.00-An evening excursion – fires of Lisbon.

Lisbon – the most western and free capital of Europe, one of the oldest cities of the world and the oldest city of Western Europe. In the evening Lisbon is especially charming also what was noted by you in the afternoon, suddenly comes to life in the evening and it seems better than this look is not present and cannot be. We will glance with you on the best observation decks where it is not possible to stop in the afternoon, we will open for ourselves tremendous views and a new view of Lisbon and its history. Night Lisbon has a special smell, began to smell the seas, romances by Fadu and night life. On impressions – it is checked – the excursion will be remembered to you as one of the brightest. From observation decks we will see fires of Lisbon and its bridges and Christ’s statue and port and the Tagus River. And what there still – in the distance? Takes the breath away..



Breakfast in hotel. Excursion “Necklace of Lisbon “of 8 hours

The Lisbon Riviera Cape of Roca Sintra – Kynt da Regaleyra-Dvorets Pen’s Palace.

The free time in Sintra or at desire visit of the Lock Foam

Resetting to Lisbon

In the evening at will – Fadu with a dinner (for an additional board – 195 lari).

We will pass along the ocean, on one of the most beautiful roads in a pattern, we will admire resorts.

Kashkaysh and Estoril – the most solar cities of Europe in the 19th century turned into prestigious resorts. Soft climate attract tourists here and also rich and well-known, members of the royal families and aristocrats. We will stop at the rock “the Mouth of the Devil” – the mysterious place to which many legends are connected …

Cape Roca – the most western point of Europe when that the cape was read doomsday. And it is valid, the earth comes to an end here suddenly, among plumb rocks and bursts of the Atlantic wind. Experience energy of this place, take the memorable pictures!

Sintra – a pearl of Portugal – improbable, hidden in mountains and serpentines of roads. The city and its hills are covered with fantastic palaces and fantastic country houses, charming visitors throughout centuries. The famous British poet and the traveler lord Byron stopped here in the 18th century, and wrote that the city “perhaps, in every respect is the most delightful in Europe”, called it “the nice Eden”.

We will visit the palace of Kynt-da Regaleyr which by right is considered the most romantic place in Sintra. In the territory of the palace the magnificent park with twigs, grottoes, wells, fountains and architectural whims. It is a lot of mysticism and sacraments it is connected to the park…. Each object in a garden borrows, definitely, not the accidental place, everything is built on some, to one author known, regularities from what winds on travelers still big aura of a secret and mysteriousness. The most mysterious of all secrets of Regaleyra – the well going to depth of the earth. At desire – we will visit the Foam Palace.

To the fop (port. fado) — one of the most important cultural manifestations of Portugal, also as a waltz for Austria or a flamenco for Spain. Saudade, on Portuguese – the deep internal grief and melancholy, makes the principal subject performed by this music. To the fop music the Fadu-hallmark of Lisbon is very popular in Portugal. Lisbon traditionally listens to Fadu’s music


Breakfast in hotel. Excursion “Golden Ring of Portugal

“Obidush – Battaglia – Alkobasa – Tomar – Fatima grottoes – Luso (8 hours).

During the excursion – the Lunch at national restaurant, with drinks.

The termination of excursion day in Luso hotel 4 *, located at a foot of Mount Bussako surrounded by the relic woods.
Obidush – Obidush (Obidos) – the most romantic city of Portugal . Having remained, practically within a fortification, is the real exhibit of the museum under the open sky and it is declared by a national monument of the world heritage.

Obidush – the town with incredibly picturesque paved small streets, with the multi-colored houses decorated with a geranium and Bougainville, Gothic doors and windows, white churches – everything is environed with walls of the lock 12 of a century – the ideal place to admire a panoramic view of the city.

Taste cherry brandy in chocolate glasses… It zhinye (Ginja), – the Portuguese cherry tincture which in popularity and taste can compete with great port wine. Tomar-the small settlement of Tomar turned into the city, thanks to construction in 1169 of the residence of the Great Master of an award of the Portuguese Templars Gualdin Paysh. The award consisted of knights, a main goal which there was a help in liberation of Portugal from Moors. In exchange for this service to an award allowed to reserve a third of all lands won to the south from Tagus.

Fatima – from the small village at the center of Portugal, in Mountains Santaren, between Lisbon and Porto, turned into the city, sacred for Catholics of the whole world, with 10000 inhabitants. Partly, thanks to the phenomenon in 1917 Prechistoy Virgin Mary who made Fatima by important center of a pilgrimage. It is interesting that the name of the city comes from a Mauritian name of the girl who, on a legend, passed into Catholicism in the 11th century in this terrain. Curiously, but this single place on the planet in which Catholic and Orthodox Churches have no contradictions.

Grottoes – the Seventh miracle of Portugal – Underground city-cave-not made by hand art of the Underground Kingdom. Underground grottoes strike imagination – the infinite number of the highlit galleries decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, some of which more than 80 thousand years; rock painting; the high arches of caves are only a small part of what should be seen during this traveling.

Battaglia – Abbey (the monastery of fight) or Santa-Maria-da-Vitória is one of the greatest Gothic

masterpieces of Europe it is also protected as a monument of the world heritage. Cradle of inquisition and official operating headquarters of carmelite order. The legend states – if you are interested in success in life, then only here you have a chance to get its goodwill – crossing through the Monastery threshold only with highly raised right leg…

Alkobasa-abbey (HERITAGE of UNESCO). Here when that long-term war of the son conducted by absolute rage of the lost love has begun, – against the father, claimed tens of thousands of the lives and burning out the cities, frightened the king of more powerful Spain which cities were destroyed by the power of rage about the lost love. The history of these places is quite sad, but is very interesting and instructive.


Breakfast in hotel

– Moving to Porto

Sightseeing tour in Porto

– Visit of wine cellars and tasting of the well-known sorts of Port wine.

Settling in hotel of the selected category. The free time.

Port – The majestic city unlike anything on light, the homeland of Port wine. It is the city which presented a name to all state. One of the most beautiful cities of Mira, the Northern Capital of Portugal, authentic museum under the open sky. Porto’s center remained it what it was created throughout many centuries. the city is complete of surprising constructions. The cathedral of Xie stores many different treasures of the past. Near cathedral there is a masterpiece of architecture of the Portuguese baroque the former Episcopal palace built in XVIIV. One of the most beautiful churches in Porto – the church Saint Fransishka constructed in 1400 in Gothic style, located near the river of Douro near Ribeiro. Near church the Exchange palace built on the place of the destroyed monastery in 1842 is located, the palace strikes with luxury of internal finishing of an interior. Near Kordoariya gardens, the tower Klerigush – the character of Porto, constructed by the Italian architect N. Nazoni in the 18th century towers and I became not only decoration of old quarters, but also served as a good reference point for an input to the harbor. A fine sample of the Portuguese baroque – Karmelitash church, the station to Sao-Bent built on the place of the Benedictine monastery. Walls of the principal hall of the station are decorated with an enormous panel from Azulezhu’s tiles on plots from the brightest episodes of history of Portugal. To the station ancient Tsvetov Street where there lived gold also silversmiths carries. The street saved the atmosphere of the past – facades of houses are decorated with tiles and balconies


Breakfast in hotel.

For an additional payment” the Excursion Braga, Bon Zhezush, Gimarayensh (6 hours) with a lari lunch-210

Or free time in Porto.

Home brew is one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal, with numerous impressive monuments in Baroque style.

One of the most known sights of the country – Christ’s church on Golgotha, Baume-Zhezush-du-Monte – the sanctuary attracting to itself a huge flow of pilgrims and travelers. We will pass on a ladder out of five feelings and three virtues, we learn values of the symbols, fountains and statues decorating this place.

Guimaraes – one of the most attractive places for visit in Portugal from the ancient cities of the country, with his world heritage, medieval streets, with well remained monuments, Gimarayensh-kolybel of the Portuguese nation, exactly here was born future king of Portugal to Alphonse Enrikesh I.


Breakfast in hotel.

Porto-Aveiro – Coimbra-Lisbon.

– Walk on channels on court shoes in Aveiro (for the additional square at desire-10 $

– A sightseeing tour in Kuimbr

– a lunch at national restaurant with drinks

– Moving to Lisbon. Free time for walks around the city and excellent shopping.

Night in hotel of the chosen category

Aveiro – known as “the Portuguese Venice”, the charming city with a set of channels and bridges, is also considered one of the most beautiful places in the country, thanks to the colourful boats Moliseyros and to buildings in style pastel and the quiet atmosphere – the ideal vacation spot. Specialty cake – in the form of eggs is known far outside the city.

Coimbra – The city and its name were formed from the Roman settlement Konimbriga which has arisen in VIV. This city holds a specific place in the hearts of all Portuguese. Coimbra rich with the history is the homeland of the most ancient place of training – the Portuguese university founded by the king Dinish in 1290. Six Portuguese kings were born in Coimbra which was also the capital during 1139 and 1256. Incredibly beautiful City on which streets all already speak on the Portuguese-Italian dialect and streets are filled by students in cloaks, with contrabasses, violoncellos, to violins.


Breakfast in hotel.

At desire (for an additional payment) the Excursion to Setubal or free time in Lisbon.

Setubal, Arrabida, a lunch and tasting of muscat wines (the 195th lari/persons, incl. a lunch and wine tasting).

In this tour – an excellent opportunity to make the memorable, specific photos!

We will go to the southern province of Portugal – Setubal. We will pass on the highest bridge in Portugal – on October 25 to Christ’s Statue. From height of bird’s flight – before us will open as on a palm – beautiful Lisbon! Then we will glance in the medieval fortress around which the ocean was stretched. Tremendous types will appear to your look! Further our way lies on the national park of Arrabid known for the fantastic landscapes from mountain tops to the boundless ocean. We will get acquainted with history of winemaking and we will start serious wine tasting of the southern region, remarkable Muscatel.

In conclusion tasting of fish – will be offered you (the huge choice of variously prepared fish and seafood with drinks).

We come back to Lisbon on the longest and known bridge in Europe – Vasco da Gama.

Transfer in the airport.