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Eurica hotel 2* DBL, BB-from 1120 LARI
Holiday beach resourt 4* DBL, BB – from 1110 LARI
Grand Bellevue aparthotel 4*- DBL, BB – from 1180 LARI
Grand midwest reve 4*DBL, BB -from 1250 LARI
Emirates Grand Hotel apartments 4* * DBL,BB-from 1280 LARI
Jannah Burj Al Sarab 5* -DBL, BB -from 1380 LARI
Crowne Plaza Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road 5* –DBL, BB – from 1550 LARI

Package includes:
* Airport Transfers
* Hotel
* Breakfast
Airline ticket Riga-Barcelona-Riga (direct flight)
* Excursions

Dubai – the smartest and modern city of the Middle East which it is safely possible to call tourist chic. Here ancient mosques and the latest architectural constructions, twisting quiet small streets and high-speed highways, sandy beaches and fashionable boutiques, the Arab and European traditions are harmoniously combined.


The futuristic megalopolis on the bank of the Persian Gulf, “the Arab miracle in sands” steadily attracts to itself thousands and thousands of tourists wishing to see personally the wonders of the world blowing the mind, to enjoy the first-class rest, to visit unique trade piers — paradise of duty-free trade.