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Bodrum — the most “happening” resort of Turkey, the capital of night life of the country with a record density of bars, night clubs, restaurants and discos on square kilometer. In 14 bays of the peninsula settlements and hotels are located, and the city of the same name stands in his center. Unlike the majority of the Turkish resorts, here generally not the German fans go to lie on beaches, and more active French, Scandinavians and British.
Present Bodrum stands still the ancient city of Galikarnasa where there was the well-known Galikarnassky mausoleum (353 BC), one of 7 wonders of the world. Alas, in the Middle Ages the miracle has been destroyed by earthquakes, and the remains can be seen only in the British museum in London today. Nevertheless, something has remained from nice ancient heritage here, centuries-old certificates of ancient civilizations in the Old city peacefully adjoin to fashion and the present.


Bodrum consists of two parts. East — with the long, narrow, but convenient beach, various bars, restaurants and clubs. And western — life is quieter here and is concentrated around a marine and yacht-club. There are more expensive supermarkets and restaurants. Thanks to frequent winds this resort — also the good place for admirers of surfing and other water sports.