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Which of domestic tourists-plyazhnikov doesn’t know this resort? Antalya — the biggest city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and one of the key centers of the Turkish Riviera. But popularity of this city — at all not a merit of an era of global tourism. Antalya has appeared on the world stage for 1,5 centuries BC (then she was called Attaliya by name the founder, Attalos II), since then a great number of travelers, including the apostle Pavel have managed to visit her. Have begun to invest in tourism per se here in the 1970th, and today to the city comes one million guests annually.

Nowadays Antalya — the big and high-growth city located in only 12 km from the airport. Here the developed network of modern hotels, a set of small restaurants, coffee houses in national style, various entertainment centers and discos, uncountable shops, aquaparks. The most part of visitors sees Antalya only during a transfer from the airport in hotel. And meanwhile, the city, especially his old center — it it is much bigger, than just resort settlement.