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Which of us didn’t dream to get to Paris? Who didn’t dream to appear on the top of the Eiffel Tower? There, from where all city is visible as if on a palm.


One of the most known cities of the world, Paris submits guests from first minute, at a single glance. Stormy past of the French capital takes and bears on the waves, revealing secrets and attracting something novel.

Having arrived to the city the first that you will see, it is D’Eiffel bashny which costs on the bank of the well-known Seine, the tower represents really fascinating show.


The central part of Paris with her boulevards and mansions, almost not the victim during wars, has in many respects kept lines of Napoleonic times. The museums and a monument of Paris, the name of his many streets are familiar to people, even never happening in this city. Saving his historical person, valuing each house and the sidewalk, Parisians aren’t afraid to keep up to date. And it is confirmed by many courageous projects realized for the last decades. It and skyscrapers to La Défense, and a pyramid at an entrance to Louvre, and the Centre Georges Pompidou. Foot walk across Paris can present enormous pleasure and mass of impressions to the tourist.