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Duration: 6 nights

Budapest (Hungary) – the amazing city stretched on both coast of stately Danube. The capital of Hungary has a tall tale, but at the same time her age is only one and a half centuries. And all because till 1873 there was no Budapest. There were cities of Pesht, taken place on flat East side of Danube, and Buda who has got more hilly West side. Right there the third city – Obuda was located. After merges of three of these settlements Budapest was also formed.

Architecture of Budapest – the first that is evident at visit of the Hungarian capital. Usual walk on the downtown can turn into a feast for fans of architecture and just judges fine, and each new turn promises a surprise. The list of sights of Budapest (Hungary) will occupy not one leaf, and for visit of all swimming baths working in the city there won’t be enough even two-week holiday